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Our hair has been a symbol of beauty, health, grooming since our existence. Which one of us does not start with checking the hair while looking in the mirror.

Thanks to every patient prefferring and recommending us for the past 22 years in hair transplantation.

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Hair Loss And Treatmment

As a hair expert with a competent team, we are aware of the lack in self-confidence that comes along with hair loss. With the missing hair, you deal with problems like inner discontent, daily insecurity and unwillingly introvertness.

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Hair Loss in Women

Although hair loss is an embarrassing situation for men, female hair loss can be substantially more distressing for women.

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men can be a stressful situation. A full head of hair is associated with youth, virility, strength and power.

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The full services health clinic that makes you travel while regaining yout hair back!

What you have to expect when you travel to Istanbul? An advanced treatment, a VIP service, one of the best hospitals and hotels of Istanbul and a ''hairy'' future. We take you on a journey

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