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You don't have to be Overcharged for Hair Transplantation

You don't have to be Overcharged for Hair Transplantation

last update07.04.2022

In today's world, more and more people are falling out of their hair. Some of them are rushing to make unconscious hair plant preferences.

In today's world, more and more people are falling out of their hair. Some of them are rushing to make unconscious hair plant preferences. While some of us are taking medicines and shampoos against hair loss available at pharmacies. Some of us seek help from herbalists. To have their hair transplantation done, many people, instead of seeking help of specialist doctors, visits unlicensed and incapable clinics or hairdressers/beauty salons. People should take hair related advice from doctors, not from marketers. However, if we dial every phone number we see on the web, we can inevitably encounter many problems at these unlicensed centers. Health tourism is among the most important income sources for our country.

The high standards of the hospitals in our country and the level of experience of our physicians are playing an important part. Our health sector is well advanced to offer services in all health related problems to many people from all around the world. Hair transplantation is not a simple matter. It has to be performed by specialist plastic surgeons or dermatologists in hospitals. Otherwise one could risk looking like a grass head man. This has become a business abused by many unlicensed people who are after earning easy money. They are running web sites or operating hair transplant centers in Turkey and in everywhere with staff that does not include even a single physician at all. So people, instead of seeking expert advice to visit hospitals, fall into the wrong hands, such as unlicensed intermediaries, business people in tourism sector, hair dressers and even taxi drivers.

So to put it simply, many people are earning money in this triangle of business. But many clients suffer. You should really avoid unlicensed third parties when seeking advice that is related to your health; and hair transplantation is a matter of health too. So I find it really surprising if people do not take this matter seriously. Make a thorough investigation about the person or hospital you are going to receive hair implantation related services. See them with your own eyes.

For instance I know several Songül ALCIs in Turkey. Isn't it really tragicomical? They mislead people by saying that Songül ALCI has popped out before conducting an operation.

So you really need to take care of yourself. Do not get misled with remarks such as "We well pick you up from the airport" or "We will do this and that". Be careful and investigate. Do not get misled by remarks such as "We are offering you a hotel room, and collection from the airport. So this is a usual trick. Don't waste your money to put your health under risk.

So while searching on the web do not pick agencies, beauty salons or apartment flats; simply pick a proper hospital. Directly ring the relevant person or the hospital. Stop risking your health.

Have a healthy day!

Songül Alcı, MBA

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