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Which Techniques are Utilised for Hair Transplantation?

Which Techniques are Utilised for Hair Transplantation?

last update07.04.2022

There are several techniques utilised for hair transplantation. Grafts obtained by FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) hair transplantation techniques are used for persons, who generally require relatively small interventions.

Techniques such as flaps, tissue expansion and scalp reduction may be performed for persons, who require more dramatic changes. As one among these techniques may be used for hair transplant, or several techniques may be combined; and more than one session may be required for regions, where almost complete hair loss is observed. Furthermore, other factors such as hair colour, hair thickness, wavy and curly hair also affect the result of intervention to be performed. 

Being the most famous technique around the world nowadays, in FUE (follicular unit transplantation), healthy hair follicles removed from hairy skin between two ears by help of micromotor are transplanted into hairless areas by special devices.   

Although hair transplant is a very effective method, sometimes it may be limited. This intervention does not prevent hair loss; however, it gives a more natural and full appearance to areas, where hair thinning occured. It should be kept in mind that this surgery is not an appropriate option for persons, who have very little hair.

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