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Vitamin or slimming tea during the hair transplantation process

Vitamin or slimming tea during the hair transplantation process

last update17.08.2022

Even a simple vitamin or slimming tea can put the patient in trouble during the hair transplant process...

Hair transplantation seems to be a simple procedure. Of course, it is not like major operations, the patient is comfortable and awake. At the end of the procedure, he will be standing and can easily return to his home.

However, it should not be forgotten that any medicine you give to the patient can cause side effects.

We healthcare professionals are aware of this.

What stages does the patient go through before hair transplantation?

  • An anamnesis is taken before a patient is admitted to surgery. What we call this anamnesis is that the doctor and other health professionals get information by asking questions to diagnose the patient or to determine the current health status.
  • When we ask the patient on the phone if they have any health problems, we are treated as if no one asked, why are you asking, that is, they think like 'we're going to get a hair transplant, what's the matter'.
  • They can hide a drug they use.


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