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Unshaven FUE

Unshaven Fue

Hair Transplantation last update14.03.2022

Hair transplantation is possible without cutting hair. The only difference between the classical FUE method and the unshaven FUE is that the hair is done without shaving. This path can be used by any suitable person.

Unshaven Fue Method

The hair is shortened in 1 cm strips from the distance between the two ears. The long remaining parts of the hair immediately cover these shortened parts. As it is understood in this method, certain parts of the donor area are worked on. In this case, we do not have high graft numbers, the graft range is 500-2000.

Where To Use?

When we want unshaven hair transplantation in large openings, the number of sessions increases, it should be known that our problem cannot be solved completely in one session. This method is mostly used;

Unshaven hair transplantation can be used as a procedure that has no effect on business or social life. Since the procedure is difficult to understand, people experience the post-procedure process more comfortably.

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