Health Tourism In Turkey Above World Standards - Songül Alcı

The Most Successful Hair Transplant Clinic Award Was Given to Songül Alcı

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Deniz Akkaya and Gökay Kalaycıoğlu presented the most successful Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year Award at the "Diamonds Of Turkey Awards" organized by D'es Production & Organization, with the presentation of successful Health Management Specialist Songül Alcı.

Hair transplantation, which has been one of the most popular business lines in recent years and has brought patients from many countries to Turkey, is among the first aesthetic preferences of men and is becoming more common day by day. Health Management Specialist Songül Alcı, who has hosted many patients from abroad and our country and has accomplished successful works, received the Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year Award at the "Diamonds of Turkey Awards" held on 28 January.

Songül Alcı, who received the Best Hair Transplant Clinic Award, said, “The number of people who choose Turkey for their hair transplant and aesthetic operations is quite high. According to 2019 data, 500 thousand of the patients who enter to receive one million health care services per year come for hair transplantation. Health tourism is one of the important sources of income in our country and the targets are very big. Turkey is the most well-known country when it comes to hair transplantation. Our country has many world-class hospitals with doctors and hospital services among the countries that make health tourism. There are also many physicians and health professionals who have made a name for themselves in this way. There are about 2500 known clinics in Turkey, mobiles are different. In this competitive environment, it takes great effort to be the best in the best country. Efforts paid off and were crowned with an award.