Scar Removal Technique by Songül Alcı (Best Prices)

Scar Removal

Scar Removal

last update14.03.2022

Our hair transplant specialists in Turkey prefer the FUE technique to remove scars. One of the advantages of FUE is that it can camouflage a linear donor scar formed in a previous FUT procedure. A small amount of hair is taken from the area around the scar and transplanted directly into the wound.

Scar Correction Technique

If you have had follicular hair transplantation treatment before and the results did not satisfy you, you can reverse these scars and achieve the results you hoped for. Of course, the technique to be applied is determined by the type of hair. The results also vary according to the experience of the hair transplant surgeon and the amount of tissue to be removed. Some scars can be easily hidden, while others may need scar removal treatment. In this case, our experts will evaluate the situation for you and determine the most appropriate solution method.


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