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New trend in valentine gift

New trend in valentine gift

last update18.08.2022

New trend in gifts for valentine: eyebrows for women, hair for men

The fashion for men with braided hair and thick eyebrows for women was also reflected in Valentine's Day. As such, the new trend on Valentine's Day; eyebrows for women and hair transplants for men.

Despite the claims that the European tourist flow to Turkey has stopped, Europeans continue to come to our country to prove the opposite. Turkey, which has become a center of attraction due to the price policy and quality approach followed especially within the scope of health tourism, manages to attract the attention of foreigners under all conditions with its creative and up-to-date campaign packages. With only a few days before Valentine's Day, the gift trend of foreigners was hair and eyebrow transplantation.

Source :https://www.iha.com.tr/haber-sevgiliye-hediyede-yeni-trend-kadina-kas-erkege-sac-623887/

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