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Healthy Hair is Found in a Healthy Body

Healthy Hair is Found in a Healthy Body

last update03.06.2022

Our hair, the crown of our head... When we say being beautiful, the first thing that comes to mind is... The first thing to fix when you look in the mirror...

Our youth, with which we are happy or unhappy with its appearance, caressed, released, shaken, cut, vacuumed...

Our hair, the messenger of our health...

We do a lot of things to see them more beautiful, healthy, strong...

We write songs on it; poems, proverbs, idioms...

Hair, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, how important is the hair that adorns us.

Let's see what the health of our braided hair, arrow eyelashes, pos beard, machete mustache and bow eyebrows depend on, shall we?

Source: http://www.mansetteyiz.com/yazarlar/songul-alci---sac-ekim-klinigi-yoneticisi-sac-ekim-koordinatoru/---saglikli-saclar-saglikli-vucutta-bulunur/116/

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