Turkey contributes to hair transplantation tourism. -Songül Alcı

Hair Transplantation Tourism

Hair Transplantation Tourism

last update07.04.2022

In addition to the medical operations that are mandatory for various health problems, Turkey also welcomes a large number of visitors for hair transplantation.

In addition to the medical operations that are mandatory for various health problems, Turkey also welcomes a large number of visitors for hair transplantation. The reasons for this higher level of incoming health tourists are attractive offers, capable staff members, and natural and historical beauties of Turkey. The prices in Turkey are immensely convenient compared to the prices in Europe and the USA. In Turkey a hair transplantation costs 3-5 thousand liras; in USA it is 30 thousand dollars; and in Europe it is 10-15 thousand euros. Turkey offers good quality and good price for hair transplantation.

It produces very good results by employing experienced experts. The level of end result is above the world standards. That explains why a total of 5 thousand international tourists are coming to Turkey each month for hair transplantation. Tourism sector and hospitals are coordinating their efforts. This coordination means that the clients not only have their hair transplanted but also enjoy the touristic features of Turkey. Group tours are also organized in coordination between hospitals and tourism sector. An interpreter and a diver collect the client from the airport, and once the operation is over, they drop the clients back to the airport. Patients are escorted if they would like to do shopping. That explains why more than five thousand international tourists are coming to Turkey for hair transplantation. Turkey is targeting to earn 20-25 billion dollars from health tourism in 2023, I am sure that this level of demand will ensure that we meet our targets.

Performance of Hair Transplantation by Untrained Persons Damages the Country's Health Tourism…

Performance of Hair Transplantation by Untrained Persons Inflicts Great Damage to the Country's Health Tourism. Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that needs to performed very carefully in a hospital setting. Many complications may occur if it is not done in hospital settings. Hair of a patient needs to be examined carefully before hair transplantation to determine whether it is suitable for transplantation. Patients must choose officially permitted clinics.

The number of such clinics have increased recently in our country thanks to growing demand for hair transplantation from Mid Eastern and European countries. On average, Turkey welcomes up to 5,000 international hair implantation tourists monthly. Unauthorized persons who want to take advantage of this increasing demand even perform hair transplantation at their home. Persons such as taxi drivers, interpreters, business owners, vendors working in the field of tourism, and hairdressers etc. all have become unlikely and unauthorized features of health tourism. Some individuals start web sites to enter the health industry. This all explains why the level of quality has gone down in this sector, and how its credibility is dented. Patients who hope to have their hair back are greatly disappointed. The result is so bad that they even want to have their previous hair back. Unauthorized hair transplantations pose risks, and they damage the patients. This also damages the health tourism in our country.

Hair Transplant
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