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Hair transplant in summer

Hair transplant in summer.

last update07.07.2022

One of the most interesting topics around hair transplantation is the hair transplant in summer. Can you do a hair transplant in the summer? 

As soon as the weather gets warmer during spring, we often get the question if a hair transplantation is possible in summer. Generally, there is a common belief that hair transplantation is unsuccessful in warmer weather and therefore not appropriate. 

This belief is incorrect and one of the many biases about hair transplantation. Similar to the winter month, there are some rules to be followed in summer as well. During the first week you should avoid swimming in seas, oceans or pools. Additionally, strong UV radiation (sunlight)  should be avoided.

That does not mean you have to stay at home, but to be careful not spending hours under direct sunlight and also avoid heavy sweating. The usual daily sweating is no problem, but strong sweating through heavy physical activities are prohibited. Those rules apply to both, the hair transplant in summer and in winter.

Thus, one can say that the hair transplantation is independent on the weather and seasons. The right time for your surgery depends mostly on the given hair situation and the preferences of the patient. Experts even recommend a treatment in summer, as the skin regenerates faster with warm weather. A a conclucions, you do not have to postpone your hair transplant appointment and can do it at any time. Please contact us if you have any additional questions, we will be delighted to help you.

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