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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

last update07.07.2022

Our hair has been a symbol of beauty, health, grooming since our existence. Which one of us does not start with checking the hair while looking in the mirror.

Our hair has been a symbol of beauty, health and grooming since our existence. If we are honest, we all finally check our hair in the mirror before we go out and start our day.

As a hair expert with a competent team, we are aware of the lack in self-confidence that comes along with hair loss. With the missing hair, you deal with problems like inner discontent, daily insecurity and unwillingly introvertness. This problem discourages you from living the active and confident life you deserve in your private- and work life. We have been able to build empathy with you, our patients, through my now more than 20 years of experience and know exactly what kid of daily problems you are struggling with.

Your satisfaction with the post-operative images are most valuable for me and my team. You, as my patient, sending me month after the hair transplant our result and motivate me and my team to continue working with excelence through your obviously increasing self-confidence. I am more than happy to see these pictures and that our hard working team could regain and improve your lifes quality.

Indisputably, good looking people compared to people who pay less attention to their appearance, attract more attention and care more and these people play a more active and successful role in their daily life.

If you feel unhappy about hair loss, it is time for you to change that with a hair transplant! The truth is that having a better look makes things easier in life, because you do not only glow on the outside, but also regain it on the inside. Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery is comparable to an educational life, where you begin and how hard you work will affect your career for a life time. So it is important that you choose the most experienced experts, that make you feel in good hands and that are following your goal: To get the best result possible and improve your quality of life.

It is not difficult to decide when and where you should make your hair transplantation, when there are so many places to go to? Choosing the right clinic and expert for your hair transplantation is the most important decision and requires some research.  Patients are commonly confused by reading articles and comments about hair transplantation on the internet and then you might be a little scared thinking "You don't need hair transplantation, you're fine".

After such thought you should re-read my words above and mark my words, why should you not deserve to erase such a obstacle by a simple but effective surgery? 

Research the expert and the team proceeding the surgery. Hair transplantation results are directly proportional to the technical knowledge and experience of the person performing the hair transplantation.

Thanks to every patient preffering and recommending us for the past 20 years in hair transplantation.

Songül Alcı, MBA


Best Hair Transplant Expert (2018)

Hair Transplant
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