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Hair Simulation

Hair Simulation

last update07.07.2022

In addition to the hair transplantation, there is a second possibility to make the hair look fuller again. 

This process, referred to as hair pigmentation or microblading, is a 3D technique (three-dimensional) for shading the hair, which is also referred to as hair tattoo and hair simulation.

This procedure can be performed alone or after a hair transplant. The system, also referred to as hair simulation, resembles a tattoo or permanent make-up system. Color pigments suitable for your hair color are transplanted 0.5 to 1.3 millimeters under the skin. The result is indistinguishable from the natural hair image. This hypoallergenic method is not a surgical, but a cosmetic method. The biggest difference to ordinary tattoos is that the color pigments used here are not resistant and can be broken down by the body.

The color is completely natural. Therefore, it is impossible for a bluish discoloration to appear similar to the usual tattoos. Although the procedure is referred to as a hair tattoo, this is not done with a tattoo technique so that the color does not spread over time. Over time, it does not discolor and it is absorbed by the body. The lifetime of hair pigmentation depends on the skin type. It is a method that leaves no marks on the skin. Under hospital conditions, the procedure can be performed in 3-5 hours under local anesthesia.

For whom is it suitable?

  • For those who do not want to have a session after a hair transplant
  • For people whose hair transplantation is impossible because of missing donor sites
  • For small scars
  • To cover the FUT scar
  • Bald spots due to alopecia areata
  • This method may be preferred for those who want to have a denser appearance after a hair transplant.
  • It is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia under hospital conditions in 3-5 hours
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