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Hair in the Autumn Sounds the Alarm...

Hair in the Autumn Sounds the Alarm...

last update18.08.2022

Hair and skin are starting to sound alarming these days when we are slowly saying goodbye to the summer.

With the effect of the sun, sea, pool chemicals and even our diet, the hair not only gets dry and wears out, but also starts to fall out. So what to do in such a situation? Can this problem be solved with only care creams and natural care methods or is it necessary to get professional support? We got the answers to all these questions from hair and hair transplant specialist Songül Alcı.

While the sunlight helps our hair grow in summer, it also creates a drying and wearing effect. When chemical processes such as sea, pool chemicals, highlighter-paint are added to this, the hair becomes lifeless, broken and dry in autumn. Since the diets made to stay fit during the summer also prevent the hair from being fed, hair loss is inevitable in the autumn. Hair, like our body, needs various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Natural and special treatments, of course, work for dry and damaged hair. However, getting professional support for hair that has completely lost its vitality and shed is among the best solutions.


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