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Don't wash your hair...

Don't wash your hair...

last update03.06.2022

“Oh where is that old hair”, be it men or women, we no longer have the same density in our hair. As we age, chemicals used, wrong practices, nutritional problems, heavy diets, genetic factors, old photos are also our hair that draws our attention.

When we say shedding from stress, spills between seasons, hairdresser mistakes, our hair does not come back in the same number, right, it is decreasing day by day.

Well, when we say regular nutrition, stress-free life, exercise, supplemental vitamins in order not to age in today's conditions, of course, we take our share of our hair and delay the aging of our hair and skin.

Healthy hair is easy to comb, shiny and smooth hair.

Let's see what the hair structure consists of, keratin, water, pigment oils and trace elements.

These properties of the hair can be deteriorated by systemic diseases and environmental factors, resulting in broken, dull, unhealthy and shedding complaints.

The hair cells in our scalp are responsible for the oil of our hair. When there are nutritional and hormonal changes during adolescence, this balance becomes disrupted and oily.

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