DHI Hair Transplant Technique by Songül Alcı

DHI Technique

DHI Technique

Hair Transplantation last update14.03.2022

The DHI method is performed by planting the hair follicles collected by the micromotor to the targeted area by the automatic Choi implanter. In this method, the thickness of the grafts is between 0.6 – 1 mm. These grafts can be separated from each other and cleaned. The difference from the FUE method is that hair transplantation is done in one step.

Direct Hair Implantation

This long operation requires experience and attention.

- Hair follicles in the donor area are collected one by one with a micromotor.

- Hair roots are separated and classified according to the number of hairs.

- Hair follicles are placed one by one on the prepared area with the help of an implanter pen.

- Channels are not pre-opened. Slots are created in the skin and the grafts are placed with the help of an implanter.

Hair Transplant
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