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Arm lift

Arm lift

last update06.04.2022

In arm and leg liftoperations, the most applied procedures on the arm are liposuction and laser applications.

Sagging on the arm is mostly caused by weight loss, aging, and sometimes being adversely affected by the sun. No hospitalization or incision is required for these procedures. But if there is a problem in a very large and wide area, sometimes an incision can be made. Generally three days, but in larger operations up to a week it may be necessary to wear a corset.

In addition, patients who have this procedure should rest for a while by hanging their arms. Depending on the size of the operation, sometimes local and sometimes general anesthesia can be applied. It may take a few days for patients to return to their work and social life in small operations, and up to a week in larger ones. If there are stitches, they are generally removed within two weeks. The surgical scar disappears as time passes by taking the natural colors of the skin.

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