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A television project is coming from the hair queen Songül Alcı

A television project is coming from the hair queen Songül Alcı

last update03.06.2022

Television Project by SONGÜL ALCI

Songül Alcı, Business Person and Health Management Specialist, one of the deep-rooted names in the hair transplant and aesthetic sector in Turkey, started the new year with a new project. Alcı, who is preparing to make a health program on the ATV Europe channel, stated that they developed bomb projects in 2022. Here are the details…

Songül Alcı, who has achieved many international successes in her 21-year Health Management career and has 3 awards in the "Hair Transplantation Manager" field, entered the year 2022 with new projects. Alcı, who is preparing to make a health program on the ATV Europe channel next month, said that he likes to work with several people at the same time, "I love my job. I am doing a job with multiple inputs, dealing with many fields, requiring a lot of expertise and which should be the most regular; Health Tourism, flight tickets, hotels, tours, groups, excursions, hospital surgery organization, hair transplant coordinator, surgery organizations, entering surgeries, patient information and post-procedure follow-ups. Again, although there is an official in charge of clinical management, health personnel, translators, operation, marketing and social media management, each unit is too perfectionist, so I like to be everywhere. I am also the founder of the internationally known Trawellmed health tourism company. I've always liked to work with 5 people. I can't stop, they call me bionic woman. We have always been in touch with the media for many years. I have given important statements about our field in many newspapers, news sites and television. I'm writing a column in Headlines. I regularly produce informative content on hair transplantation, aesthetics and health. I will carry this information to television this year. I have great plans for this year too. One of them was a television show. I start the new year with television.” said.

Known in many European countries, especially Spain, and called the Queen of Hair by the Spaniards, Songül Alcı stated that they will focus on their overseas targets in 2022 and that they will increase their promotional activities in foreign countries. Songül Alcı, who is among the first institutional entrepreneurs of health tourism in Turkey, said, "We will not only solve people's hair problems by reaching new countries and new patients, but we will continue to work with all our strength to contribute to the country's economy." he said.

Source :https://www.snobmagazin.com/amp/yasam-saglik/sac-kralicesi-songul-alcidan-televizyon-projesi-geliyor-h20002.html

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