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10 essential facts to know in hair transplantation

10 essential facts to know in hair transplantation

last update03.06.2022

Hair transplantation methods, which are widely used today against hair problems, are preferred by both women and men. So, what are the details that must be known in the hair transplant process?

Stating that many truths must come together in order for the hair transplantation process to be effective, Health Management Specialist Songül Alcı said, “Hair transplantation is the process of taking healthy hair follicles from the area between the two ears and transferring them to the desired bald areas. In order to obtain a successful result from these processes, the complicated process must be managed and planned very accurately. Many truths must come together in order for this process to result in the best way," and listed the '10 truths' in hair transplantation as follows:

1-The right patient: Of course, the only solution to the problem of hair loss, which goes down to the age of 17, is still hair transplantation. However, regardless of the clarity, sowing should not be done before the age of 20. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation. By having long conversations with the person who wants to have it done, the expectation of the patient should be understood, whether he will be happy with the result and the limits of the procedure, if any, should be explained well. Otherwise, making the person unhappy is inevitable, even if you are technically successful. If the patient's expectation from the procedure is very high and the conditions are not suitable, if his psychology cannot handle this situation, it would be beneficial not to transplant.

2-Right time: There may be patients who think that as soon as the hair starts to fall out, they can have new ones replaced immediately, or that hair can be transplanted instead of or next to the hair without shedding. This is not possible. The decision for hair transplantation should be made by the physician before the patients, because for this decision, your hair clearance must be appropriate. It is important that the transmitter area is suitable as much as the opening. If there is enough space between the hairs to transplant grafts, the hair can be transplanted. Hair that appears sparse due to thinning cannot be transplanted. If the forehead line is between the ages of 40—45 and is within the hairline that the patient will use in the future, hair transplantation can be performed. This should not mean that the patient expects to shed completely. If the donor area is insufficient and the number of grafts that can be transplanted only once, patients may be faced with the suggestion of "Wait for complete shedding". In such cases, patients can get confused. For this reason, it is of great importance to pay attention to the hair transplant interviews with the specialist who will perform the operation, not with the call center personnel.

3-The right team: Sowing operations should definitely be done in the hospital environment or in equipped clinics under the responsibility of the hospital. The specialist who will perform the hair transplant operation should definitely be at the beginning of the process. The patient should never be handed over to the staff. Therefore, the patient should definitely get to know his doctor and the experienced team behind him before undergoing the procedure. Hair transplantation is not a process performed by devices, the people in your room determine your result.

4-Correct treatment: Hair transplantation is a special surgical procedure that requires experience and should never be underestimated, such as nose surgery, breast prosthesis, tummy tuck procedures. However, this issue unfortunately runs as a rote system in some underground places. Hair transplantation is not just the surgical part of the job. There is a serious treatment protocol in question. A very conscious treatment protocol should be applied before, during and after the procedure, which should be determined in the patient from the dietitian to the endocrinology, as well as the care of the roots, the treatment of thickening of the existing hair, the treatments that slow down the shedding, and even the care of the scalp.

5-The right hospital: It is a very important factor that the clinics in the hospital are preferred, so the patient is under the guarantee of the hospital.

6-The right method: The specialist who will do your hair transplantation determines the appropriate method for the patient. The patient should definitely start this process with this awareness. Information about the hair transplantation process should not be transferred over the phone. Like all personalized surgical methods, hair transplantation is a personalized method and should be planned and applied by the physician from the beginning to the end of the process.

7-Correct planning: This is the stage where we say, “We are now at the end, we are in the operating room”. Every patient enters the process with the dream that they will have hair very often. The team that performs the procedure on how many grafts are needed helps the patient and the numbers closest to the numbers said in the interviews are taken. The most suitable design should be made by making the maximum amount that can be planted in the open area or in large openings. The most appropriate design is determined by the experience and aesthetic view of the person planning the procedure. Beware of! Sometimes thousands of hairs can make you say "I never had hair" with a bad line or angulation.

8-Correct maintenance: In the right maintenance, reliable experts and team are still active. If the patient has chosen the specialist he trusts, he no longer needs to think about others. That person is not alone, he is a team. Good people work with good people. Hospital, team, materials, methods… All these components are part of the right team and they will make the right decision for the patient and manage the process. The result of the hair also depends on "He and 2 other people" in the treatment room.

9-Correct result: Sometimes the patient can return to his old self with tight hair. Sometimes it may be slightly sparse, sometimes the anterior closing top remains or vice versa. There is no such thing that every patient will always return to the age line of 18. Light touches can make the patient look more well-groomed and younger than they are, because their appearance changes up to 10 years after hair loss. It would not be bad to go back 3-5 years with small and right touches.

10-The right friend: We ask friends of all hair transplant people; Do not interfere with our treatments, do not prescribe drugs, do not demoralize. Hair transplantation is a difficult decision for men and it is very important that stress does not increase during this period, while waiting for 10-12 months to see results after having it done.

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